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Cronbach's Alpha 

Music Advocacy and Commerce

We are dedicated to singing and songwriting with live and recorded performance with an Indie Folk vibe. We advocate for Mental Illness Awareness, Autism, LGBTQ, and Human Rights in general, specifically with live music events and our haberdashery. We gather community and garner support through music and commerce.


About Us

John and Hope Sheehan

Partners in life and art John and Hope Sheehan are musicians and co-creators of this blend of music, advocacy, and haberdashery. Our sound is a blend of Indie Folk Pop with a touch of the Blues.  Acoustic guitars and percussion with harmonies, original songs, and reimagined versions of your favorite popular music.  Easy on the ears, and impactful to the heart.

Why do we call ourselves Cronbach's Alpha?  CbA is a statistical  algorithm  used to recognize how well things relate to each other.   This is our symbol and our mission to make sure you know, we are all valid, you relate, you are human.  We are ruled by the extremes and the reality is that extremes are the exception not the rule.  "Normal" is a myth and perfection isn't possible.  We all fall on the spectrum of some sort.

If you are different you are not are welcome here.